Heat transfer oil


Description & Applications:

PETRO HT1 heat Transfer oils for use in secondary or indirect heating systems. They are formulated with exclusive BIESNATE TM base oil technology. PETRO HT1 Heat Transfer Oils are noncorrosive, low odor level, excellent seal compatibility fluids that can absorb heat quickly and transport it to the material or fluid requiring heat. Their excellent thermal and oxidation stability promotes long service life and clean heat exchanger systems. There are many uses of heat in processing materials. There are also many ways of transferring heat to the material or fluid that needs to be heated. PETRO HT1 Heat Transfer Oils are excellent for this purpose and offer many advantages. They can be used at low pressures. In most applications, the equipment required to apply the oils is relatively inexpensive. The application equipment can also be portable and, therefore, used where it is needed.

Benefits & Advantages:

  • Excellent thermal efficiency and stability — Helps ensure long oil life through outstanding thermal and oxidation stability which helps prevent sludging or deposit formation inside piping.
  • Good rust and corrosion protection — Help prevent rusting or corrosive problems in circulating oil system.
  • Excellent performance at temperature extremes — Outstanding thermal stability helps assure minimal thermal cracking at high temperatures or in repeated cycling from low to high temperatures.
  • Ease of pumping and circulation — Excellent stability helps assure minimal oxidation and helps prevent sludging or deposit formation inside piping.
  • Minimized makeup oil — Low vapor pressure combined with low volatility and high flash point means minimum evaporative loss.

 Performance Levels :

DIN 51502 class L , KS M 2501 , ISO 6743/12 class L family QB

Product Name

Density @ 150c

Viscosity @ 400ccSt

Viscosity @ 1000ccSt

Viscosity Index

Flash Point 0C

Pour Point 0C

Petro HT1 - 32

850 Kg/m3






Petro HT1 - 46

860 Kg/m3






Petro HT1 - 68

860 Kg/m3