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PETRO1® group has more than 20 years’ experience in manufacturing finished lubricants Formulated with unique base oils with exclusive Biesnate TM technology.

From motor oil for the family car to lubricants for heavy industrial equipment, customers across five continents trust Petro1 Lubricants to deliver excellent, reliable performance in a wide range of operating conditions.

PETRO1® engine oil & industrial lubricants are produced by the PETRO1® Group plant site which is a modern high-tech manufacturing complex with a yearly capacity of approximately 30 000 tons of high-tech lubricants.
Our complete line of lubricants and coolants is sold worldwide under our PETRO1® brand.

These premium products help improve fuel economy, lower emissions and extend the period between oil changes.
Base oil is the oil used in lubricant formulas before additives are introduced. Premium base oil is manufactured using a process called Biesnate TM, which PETRO1® commercialized in 2018.

In this technology, biodegradable raw materials and Nano compounds have been used to produce a new generation of engine and industrial oils, which has significantly increased the quality and efficiency of the above products compared to the products of other competitors.

PETRO1® has been innovating and reinventing superior quality solutions to cater to the ever-changing needs across industries. Its extensive R&D set-up in factory comprises of a fully equipped laboratory where it upgrades its existing solutions and develops new products.